Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Brother is Called

Through our frequent visits to one of our favorite blogs, Summer is a Verb , we've had the privilege of getting to know a beautiful and sweet cat named Templeton. Templeton has left this earth to be with many of our beloved kitties including Winston, Spencer, Stripe, Vinny, Buckwheat, Mr. Charlie and Roan. We are grateful to have had the chance to know him from afar and send our love and prayers to him and his family.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spice Kitty

The folks at Friends of Felines decided that I would be the perfect brother for Turner. They said I was "butter", able to get along smoothly with any other cat. My foster parents called me and my sister the "Spice Cats" because of our spicy, crazy personalities. I was named Cinnamon, and my sister was Nutmeg. While I was originally reported to be silver, later, the truth about my color came out - there was no getting around the fact that I was a brown tabby!

Our servants struggled with my likeness to their beloved Winston. They were still undecided on that landmark day in June - The Adoption Event. When they saw my foster mother begin to cry as she handed me over to them, they knew I was special. The rest is history.


The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships

One day, our servants spotted this picture on the website, Friends of Felines. It stole their hearts but taking me home was not going to be that easy. First there was the application and the interview process. Once that hurdle was cleared, they still had to wait, as I was only a few months old and not yet ready to leave my foster home. Finally, there was another complication. The senior leaders of Friends of Felines were not keen on sending kittens to homes where there were no other animals to mentor them or keep them company, lest they turn into little "monsters." They wanted our servants to adopt two cats, something they had not previously contemplated. After some consideration, the hunt for another silver tabby was on!

How It All Started....

Our tail began not with two but rather with one very special tabby, Winston. Winston was the sole master of our two servants for many years. Warm and affectionate, Winston loved to talk and was truly a person inside a kitty body. Winston began his life in Chicago, and later retired to the Northeast where he enjoyed viewing a wonderful array of birds and other wildlife from his home.

After eighteen wonderful years, Winston moved on to a higher calling in March of 2008, leaving our servants very lonely indeed. After a period of mourning, they began to look for a new master, seeking a silver male tabby - silver as opposed to brown so as not to invite any comparison with Winston. In spite of extensive searching for several months, our servants became increasingly distraught with their plight - Catless in Connecticut.

Topper and Turner